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Determination of sound insulation effect of interior wall panelling


Determination of sound insulation effect of interior wall panelling

How to determine the interior wall panelling sound insulation effect is good, divided into the following criteria

1, if the objective amount of the average amount of sound below 30 dB, but next door normal conversation can be heard very clearly, easy to understand the content of the conversation, then the sound insulation is very poor.

2, if the 30 ~ 35 dB loud talk can be quite clear, the normal conversation can hear, but not easy to understand, then the sound effect is very poor results.

3,35 ~ 40 db, the loud conversation can listen to, but not clear, the normal conversation is also very weak to hear, the sound effect is obviously in general.

4,40 ~ 45 db case, loud talk can hear about, can not understand the whole, normal conversation can not hear, sound insulation is better.

5,45 ~ 50 dB if the loud talk can not hear, shouting loudly, the radio to open the biggest voice can only be heard, then the sound insulation is good. You can play a 60 points.

6,50 ~ 55 dB shouting can not hear, the radio can not hear the largest sound, then the sound insulation is considered excellent.

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