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What is an adult pillow

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What is an adult pillow

Adult pillow is a sleep tool. It is generally believed that pillows are filled with people for sleep comfort. From the modern medical research, the human body's spine, from the front to see is a straight line, but the side is a curve with three physiological bending. In order to protect the normal physiological bending of the neck, to maintain normal physical activity when sleeping, sleep pillow. Pillows generally by the pillow, pillowcase two parts. At present, adult pillow filler material variety, chemical fiber, latex, down, buckwheat skin ... ... different materials rebound time is different, better rebound time is 3-5 seconds. Pillows are life, ranging from six months to three years, with a long time there will be lost elasticity, aging, mites and other issues. Among them, the most common chemical fiber pillow, but not breathable, especially after a few months after the easy to be compacted, deformation, sleep more flat, no longer flexible, so the need for timely replacement. Down pillow is relatively soft, very comfortable to sleep, but it is difficult to maintain a certain height, it is recommended with some hard pillow with the use.