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3d Textured Wall Panels

3d Textured Wall Panels

3 d dimensional panels/3 d wall art Paper Panels/Tiles 3 d wall art panels are kinds of 3 dimensional wall tiles. As the home decor and interior product, it is the first time that the three-dimensional 3d wall board entered the market with its Eco-friendly and easy installation features create a...

Product Details

3d Textured Wall Panels

3 d textured wall panels are kinds of 3 dimensional wall tiles. As the home decor and interior product, it is the first time that the three-dimensional 3d wall board entered the market with its Eco-friendly and easy installation features create a healthier environment. It is not like the flat wall paper, but it is really a 3 d design wall panel that is quite suitable for DIY your own styled designs. 

3d Textured Wall Panels:

3d textured wall panels.jpg

Features of 3 dimensional 3d wall panels:

1) made of plant fiber ,Eco-friendly,100% biodegradable

2) Original color, could be paintable

3) Light weight & easy installation&stronger quality

4) It is three Dimensional relief, simple and fashionable,offer OEM service

5) 100 Rich model avaiable,most with Interinational Patents,could customized new model

6) Three size: 625*800mm, 500*500mm, 300*300mm.


Product Application of 3 Dimensional 3D Wall Tiles:

Indoor wall,background,hotel,office,bar,KTV,studios,meeting room,booth fair.

1.Home Decoration:TV background wall,living room wall,theme wall background,front step wall 

2.Commercial:hotel,company,SPA and so on.

3.Leisure Center:wall and door head of bar,KTV,restaurant,TEA house and so on.


Installation of 3d textured wall panels:

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