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Acoustic Panels

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                                  Acoustic Panels

The working principle of the acoustic panels is actually very simple: the indoor sound penetrates the perforations of the composite surface into the interior of the assembly and is absorbed by the sound wave core and the sound core in its interior. Acoustic panels surface can choose two precision perforation patterns. The fine perforations ensure a balanced indoor acoustic performance, without visual compromise. And the acoustic panels in the case of micro-acceleration options, the aperture is 1.5mm. According to ISO11654, its sound absorption coefficient is αw = 0.50. The hole of the second variant (broadband absorber) is 3 mm. In this case, the sound absorption coefficient determined according to ISO 11654 is αw = 0.45. Both types of DORMAcoustic panels ensure particularly good sound absorption to facilitate language understanding and easy listening pleasure in any internal environment. Acoustic panels Customized perforation design is also possible, drawing images, graphics or decorative patterns as needed, making the interior design have something special in terms of personality and personality. Acoustic panels surface also has a variety of attractive colors and decorations.

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