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Ceiling Grid System

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                            Ceiling Grid System

Ceiling grid system ventilation effect is good, fire performance, installation is simple, compact structure, rich layers, there are open three-dimensional effect, decorative appearance after the beautiful, rich colors and durable. Ceiling can be free to install grille lights, downlights and so on. Grille ceilings have different space options, can be combined with the molding plate to install, so that the scene effect more distinctive.

Ceiling grid system with a variety of styles and colors, according to the company style and color card selection, can also be customized according to customer requirements; ceiling grid system with impeccable fire, moisture and corrosion resistance, sound absorption, thermal insulation The ceilings mesh system is beautifully decorated, breathable and breathable, with open and transparent view and unique Of the artistic style; ceiling grid system with the installation of simple, fast, and recyclable treatment, is conducive to environmental protection and so on.

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