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Faux Stone Panels


               Faux Stone Panels

Faux Stone Panelsis made of non-natural mixture, such as resin, cement, glass beads, alumina powder, etc. plus gravel adhesive.

Faux Stone Panels is a new type of composite material, is the use of unsaturated polyester resin and filler, pigment mixture, adding a small amount of initiator, made by a  certain processing procedures. In the manufacturing process with a different color can be made with a colorful, shiny jade like natural marble products. Because of its non-toxic, non-radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, non-seepage, antibacterial mold, wear, impact resistance, easy maintenance, splicing seamless, any shape, etc., is gradually becoming the decoration materials market The new favorite Faux Stone Panels can be used for cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, windowsill, dining table, business desk, reception counter, desk, computer desk, bar and so on. Faux Stone Panels its use and promotion, marking the decorative art from the natural stone era, entered a new era of new artificial stone.