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Wood Decking

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                        Wood Decking

 Wood decking is made of wood flooring, China's production of  Wood decking is divided into solid  Wood decking, laminate flooring, parquet, multi-layer composite flooring, bamboo flooring and cork floor six categories, as well as 

the emerging Wood decking.The  China's wood flooring industry's development process has gone through the following three stages:First, the early 80s to the early 90s. The first 10 years, the wood field on the market mainly non-painted solid wood floor plate (commonly known as the board), this period of the floor blockspecifications smaller, flat floor more.Second, the early 90s to 1994. This time the market appeared on the market with the paint of the solid wood flooring, there are roller, leaching paint two kinds of technology; small size of the floor gradually reduced, accounting for the dominant market for medium and long specifications of the floor; In addition, the market of wood flooring Rich a lot, there have been bamboo flooring, three-story parquet and multi-layer parquet.Third, so far since 1994. In 1994, the impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring) into the Chinese market, began to import products mainly from the main European imports to the majority of German enterprises; 1996, China began to produce laminate flooring; Over the past few years, the market has appeared on the ground floor, laminate flooring and bamboo composite flooring, stone flooring and other new products, including bamboo flooring and stone floor in the initial stage has not yet formed mass production, other products are gradually increased trend.