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Wpc Flooring

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                             Wpc Flooring

Wpc flooring is a new composite material, characterized by green, with plastic and wood.Wpc flooring has excellent mechanical properties, high dimensional stability, and can be used to shape complex shapes. Wpc flooring materials have found a huge application space for unstructured outdoor d├ęcor, and the use of other building materials is also evolving, such as doors and windows, corridors, roofs, car decorations and outdoor gardens and parks Of various equipment and so on.Wpc flooring composite materials also put forward higher requirements: the landscape of outdoor products to do anti-aging anti-bleaching, improve service life; on the indoor doors and windows and decorative pieces of materials to have good flame retardant performance; Housing basic parts bearing plastic products must have a high mechanical properties, need to be enhanced to improve creep resistance. With the improvement of energy-saving voice, the construction industry also Wpc floor energy-saving effect put forward higher requirements. Therefore, Wpc flooring is moving in the functional, high value-added direction: flame retardant, enhanced, anti-aging type, anti-creep type, thermal insulation and so on. In addition, Wpc flooring material selection is also diversified, multi-species direction, including raw materials, wood and plastic.

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