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Non-asbestos Waterproof ,fireproof Fiber Cement Board 1200*2400mm Wall Panel

Non-asbestos Waterproof ,fireproof Fiber Cement Board 1200*2400mm Wall Panel

asbestos-free, high strength ,green building material Fiber cement board

Product Details

We supply china Non-asbestos Waterproof ,fireproof Fiber Cement Board 1200*2400mm Wall Panel .

Fiber cement board is a new type of perfect board required in big quantity on the building materials market recently. Fiber cement board has the features of high strength in the aspects of fireproofing , moisture proofing and easy processing. Meanwhile, fiber cement board has the performance of comprehensive environment protection, asbestos free, no formaldehyde, and no blastomogen also. So fiber cement board does no harm to the human body.

fiber cement board

Characteristic of fiber cement board

 *Completely contain no asbestos, smokeless and non-toxic if a fire occurred.

*Superior in heat-insulating performance and economic in consumption of cooling and heating energy.

*Good fireproofing performance is over the national standard.

*Quick and convenient in construction, good in sound-absorbing performance and good in waterproofing and moisture resistant.

*High in strength of base material, good in stability, good in radiation protection and no deformation and discoloration in long exposure to the sun.

*Fashionable in color and design full of vigor decoration.

*Plates are light in weight, high in strength, aging resistance with the service life up to 50 years.

Situated in the beautiful city, Xiamen, NOYA M&T, as one of the best non-asbestos waterproof ,fireproof fiber cement board 1200*2400mm wall panel suppliers, has been dedicated to various quality building materials for years. With high efficiency workers at your service, you can get products at a low price from us.