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3D Textured Wall Tiles

3D Textured Wall Tiles

Decorative Brick Fauxpanels Faux River Rock Stone Siding

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3d Textured Wall Tiles

3d Textured Wall Tiles ---Faux Stone Siding Wall offers a beautiful and hassle-free means to bring the appeal of stonework to your interior or siding design project, at a fraction of the cost of real stone. Available in natural and attractive grey and earth tone finishes, the panels replicate the look and texture of real stone to an amazing degree.

But the 3d textured faux stone wall tiles are even better than true stone. Thanks to their polypropylene makeup, they’re much more resilient and durable than their natural counterparts in the face of harsh climate, moisture, sunlight, heat and cold, as well as other forms of wear and tear.

Polypropylene boasts another great advantage over real rock and stone due to its convenient and super-lightweight quality. You’ll never have to hire professionals to take this project on—all the average homeowner requires are a few basic tools that are probably already lying around the house, as well as our basic, step-by-step instructions for guidance. You should have these coverings installed and ready to enjoy in almost no time!

Models of 3d Textured Wall Tiles

3d textured wall tiles.jpg

3d textured wall tiles.jpg

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