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3D Wall Boards

Situated in the beautiful city, Xiamen, NOYA M&T, as one of the best fire proof modern 3d wall panel for store partitions decoration suppliers, has been dedicated to various quality building materials for years. With high efficiency workers at your service, you can get products at a low...

Product Details

3d Wall Boards

The 3D wall boards are a three-dimensional decorative material made from plant fiber as the main raw material. It is also known as 3D background wall.

Its characteristics include: three-dimensional feeling, free coloring, free combination of graphics,various shapes and so on. The 3D wall boards are the latest decoration material with independent intellectual property rights.

Scope of application of 3d wall boards are mainly used in decoration:

  • Residential application: bedroom, TV background, children room, sitting room etc.

  • Public application: hotels, clubs, office buildings, bars, internet cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, karaoke halls, KTV, hospitals, sports venues and so on.

The dimensions of the 3D wall boards are 300*300mm, 500*500mm, 800*625mm, 1000mm*1000mm.

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