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The Scope Of Application Of Composite Plastic Tiles

The scope of application of composite plastic tiles

1) composite plastic tiles suitable for the structure of the basement for the cast-in-place concrete slab roof and a purlin system slope roof.

2) Composite plastic tiles are mainly used for the decorative requirements of the multi-storey or low-rise residential buildings, can also be used for park construction, public places such as corridors. Compared with the ordinary plastic tile, with good weather resistance, color retention, long service life and so on.

3) Suitable for slope roofs with a slope of 1: 3 (18.5 °) to 1: 0.58 (60 °).

4) composite plastic tiles roof for waterproof grade Ⅱ (one to two waterproof fortification, and set the waterproof layer), Ⅲ level (a waterproof fortification, and set the waterproof layer), Ⅳ level (a waterproof fortification, not set Waterproof cushion) of the slope roof waterproof, but also can be used as Ⅰ (two waterproof fortification, and set the waterproof layer) waterproof multi-channel fortification in a waterproof layer. Do not use waterproof coating as a waterproof layer or waterproof cushion.

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