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Tiki Thatch Roof

Situated in the beautiful city, Xiamen, NOYA M&T, as one of the best fireproof artificial synthetic simulation thatch roof tiles for garden decorative suppliers, has been dedicated to various quality building materials for years. With high efficiency workers at your service, you can get...

Product Details

Tiki Thatch Roof

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Thatch Roof Tile

  • Type: Plain Roof Tiles

  • Name: Tiki Thatch Roof

  • Package: by Carton

  • Origin: China

  • Material: Synthetic resin

  • Shape: Plain

  • Specification: 45*50cm and 100*60cm, 100*45cm

  • Trademark: NOYA

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Straw Roofs Project Effect

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Straw Roofs Packing

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Product NameTiki Thatch Roof
ColorDiversification of 100% simulation degree, 100% do not fade. It consists of a special process made imitation of natural grass (straw) and tiles, beautiful color and elegant.
Material ComponentABS,PVC
Warranty7-15 years
PackageBy carton
ApplicationHotels, the zoo, theme parks, restaurants or bars in the outdoor pavilion, landscape, SPA resorts, parks and scenery, resorts, bus stations, recreation pavilion, high-end residential buildings, villas
District, museums, seaside bars, beach grill bar, water sports pavilion, tropical-style venues and so on.
Advantage1.      Up to 100% of fire prevention, fire prevention through environmental certification and testing;
2.      From nesting birds, insects, fungi, etc.;Imitative of up to 100% will be used in any place, without the weather warm and cold and wind and rain constraints;
3.      Simple installation, after installation, no maintenance and replacement of the workload can be said once and for all the ideals material;
4.      Noya Straw Roofs from a variety of shapes, dome, roof slope, rain Gouyan other requirements;

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